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Dream Travel in Italy

How many time have you dreamed to treat yourself an emotional vacation? Have you ever thought to realize this dream vacation in Italy. Well, if these are your wishes we can transform it into reality.

Contact our Travel Agency

You have just to contact us and express your wishes. We’ll listen carefully your needs and with our knowledge and experience we’ll set up together with you the best itinerary to suit your wishes.

Organizing your Holiday

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of Italy and together with our associates we’ll create your tailor made itinerary in order to offer you a relaxing and unforgettable vacation.

Your taylor-made vacation in Italy

We’ll create an exclusive and tailored itinerary which will include all what you have ever dreamed and your only concern will be to wait the moment of departure.

Enjoy travelling Italy

Once your vacation will start the staff of Emotions & Dreams together with its associates will assist you every step to ensure you get the most out of your holiday till the end.

Italy experience in your heart

On the return flight and once you are at home unpacking your luggage, all the wonderful memories of your marvelous vacation in Italy will come to mind and will let you think immediately: when will be the next?

Your tailored holiday in Italy is waiting...

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We had a wonderful time during our trip to Italy. Restaurants were terrific... Drivers were very thoughtful helpful and always on time. Guest